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Cherish the Joy of Reading Together with Cheerleading Stories for 4-8 Year-Olds!

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can we read together?

Parents, get ready to dive into the exhilarating world of your child's favourite sport with our engaging cheerleading stories!


These tales blend valuable lessons with the excitement of cheer, creating an unforgettable reading experience. After the adventures, bond with your little one over a delightful game of 'Spot the Difference.'

But that's not all—each book also grants you access to The Secret Book Club, where you'll discover a treasure trove of free activity sheets designed especially for your young cheerleader.


Join us on this spirited journey, where every page not only celebrates teamwork, resilience, and the joy of cheering but also ignites your child's excitement for reading, making bedtime stories the highlight of their day!

Check them out on our bookshelf!

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cheer language

Stories crafted in the perfect cheerleading language, ensuring your child not only understands but also can't wait to share with you


over 2 decades experience

Benefit from our author's 20+ years of cheerleading expertise, as she shares her valuable experiences, knowledge, and lessons right at your fingertips



From e-books to hardcovers, our books are ready to travel the world, bringing cheer to every young reader, wherever they may be



These books resonate with young cheerleaders on every level, from the storyline and lessons to the emotions, language, and character illustrations, creating a relatable and immersive reading experience



Each book focuses on key topics relevant to young cheerleaders, aiming to educate and empower them, ensuring they become stronger and more confident in their cheerleading journey



We haven't forgotten about the adults! Resources for parents, coaches, and gym owners are coming soon. Join our list to be the first to know when they launch



the secret book club

Get ready for a cheer-rific adventure with our Secret Book Page at The Cheerleader Book Club!


Picture this: a magical online world bursting with joyous activities designed to make your little cheerleader's heart leap with excitement!


From vibrant coloring pages to mind-twisting mazes, brain-boosting crosswords, and even the chance to design their dream cheer uniform – we've got it all!

And here's the kicker: every time we release a new cheer-tastic book, we add more pages to our Secret Book Club!


To unveil this treasure trove of fun, simply flip to the back of any book from The Cheerleader Book Club series and use the special password.


Let the cheer-magic begin!


spot the difference

Our books are not just about reading; they are about engaging young minds in a fun and interactive way.


At the end of each book, we include a spot-the-difference game that not only entertains but also offers significant benefits for both children and parents.


For kids, these games promote cognitive skills such as attention to detail, visual discrimination, and problem-solving. They encourage children to observe closely and think critically, enhancing their overall cognitive development.


For parents, these games open up opportunities for meaningful conversations with their children. They can discuss the differences they've found, ask questions about the story, and even create their own stories based on the illustrations.


This interactive element creates a bonding experience between parents and children, fostering a love for reading and learning in a fun and collaborative way.



Now this is where we offer more than books for cheerleaders...because you are important too!


It's a comprehensive resource centre designed for parents, coaches, and gym owners alike.


Visit our resources page to explore various options, from booking readings—both in person and online—to bulk purchases at discounted rates.


For coaches, we provide an array of resources covering everything from planning to games, along with valuable tips and tricks. If you're a new gym owner, you'll find top-to-bottom guides that includes insights from my personal experiences, highlighting both mistakes and triumphs.


It's a place where everyone involved in the world of cheerleading can find the support and information they need to succeed.

If I'm not cheering

I'm reading!

Our Merch Library


cheer for you


Experience the spirited world of cheerleading in "Cheer for You," the first in an enchanting series for readers aged 4-8. Join our brave cheerleader on a journey of self-discovery and the thrill of new challenges.


This inviting tale celebrates inclusivity and teamwork, touching on emotions like anxiety, pride, and newfound confidence. It's a story that encourages embracing diversity, conquering self-doubt, and fostering kindness.

Join Lily as she starts her cheerleading journey. 

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"I Want That Skill!" follows twin sisters Myra and Taffie on their cheerleading journey in Pearlsville. Joining the Mini Meerkats, they dream of mastering new skills and performing. Inspired by the Mini Monkeys, a competitive team, the girls set their sights on joining. To make the team, they must learn a back walkover. Despite challenges, Myra's dedication pays off, and Taffie joins in. Their hard work leads them to success, showing the power of perseverance. Their journey teaches them valuable lessons about perseverance and teamwork, making this story a delightful read for young cheerleading enthusiasts.

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The Cheerleader Book Club Wallpaper
Author of The Cheerleader Book Club - Inspiring Cheerleading Reads and Gifts for Kids 4-8

Allison Sack

our author

With over two decades of hands-on experience in the cheerleading world, Allison is crafting exciting fictional tales that promise to give your kids something to cheer about.

Cheerleading has been an extraordinary part of Allison's life story so far. Originally from the UK and now residing in Australia, Allison embarked on her cheerleading journey as a coach, followed by becoming a competitive athlete (not the traditional route!), and eventually owning a gym and organising competition events, making them an absolute blast.


Now, over two exhilarating decades later, its influence still keeps her jumping for joy, shaping her life in the most unexpected and wondrous ways.

"Sharing my passion for this sport and its incredible impact on young people is an absolute privilege. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as our family does, and that they bring happiness, laughter and connection into your world."

Author of The Cheerleader Book Club series
The Cheerleader Book Club - Your Source for Cheerleading Fun, Ages 4-8

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