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  • Format| Hardcover
  • Size| 7x10 inches
  • Page| 24
  • Language| English
  • Reading Age| 4-8 years


"I Want That Skill!" is a delightful tale that follows the journey of twin sisters, Myra and Taffie, as they embark on their cheerleading adventure.


Set in the lively city of Pearlsville, this story is filled with excitement, determination, and the joy of learning new skills.Join Myra and Taffie, two energetic six-year-olds with a hint of sassiness, as they join the Mini Meerkats, a beginner-level cheerleading team at Zoo Elite All Stars.


Their enthusiasm for cheerleading knows no bounds as they eagerly anticipate learning new skills and performing on the grand cheer stage.Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they witness the impressive skills of the Mini Monkeys, a competitive national level 1 team, during a practice session.


Inspired by their cousin Eric, who is part of the Mini Monkeys, Myra and Taffie set their sights on joining the team. However, they soon learn that to make the team, they must master a challenging skill—a back walkover.


Determined to achieve their goal, Myra and Taffie embark on a journey of hard work and dedication. Despite facing challenges such as fatigue, rainy weather, and initial hesitations, the girls persevere.


Myra's dedication pays off when she achieves her back walkover just in time for the gym showcase, earning praise and admiration from her coach and peers. Inspired by her sister's success, Taffie also redoubles her efforts, leading to both girls improving significantly by the time of the Mini Monkeys' tryouts.


As the girls celebrate their success and eagerly anticipate the upcoming cheerleading season, they learn valuable lessons about perseverance, teamwork, and the rewards of hard work.


Their story is a testament to the power of determination and the fulfillment that comes from achieving one's goals."I Want That Skill!" is a charming and uplifting story that encourages young readers to pursue their dreams with dedication and resilience.


With its vibrant storytelling and relatable characters, this book is sure to inspire children to cheer for their own accomplishments, just like Myra and Taffie.


At the end of the story, young readers can engage in a delightful "Spot the Difference" game, sparking their curiosity and attention to detail.


Additionally, with a special password, families can access a Secret Book Club page for free downloadable activities, extending the fun and learning beyond the book.

I Want That Skill! HARDCOVER

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